Art, a daily part of our business

The Lhoist Group, whose head office is based in the vicinity of Brussels, is the world's leading producer of lime and dolomite.

Since 1990, Lhoist has been steadily building an important collection of photographic works and sculptures. For the company, Art is part of a global approach that goes hand in hand with its long-term strategic vision where the human factor is central now and for the future. Lhoist employs people from 40 different nationalities all over the world. This melting pot of culture is a major asset for the company and an exceptional source of creativity and innovation. However, the confrontation of so many differences can also be challenging at times. A concentrated effort at mutual understanding is necessary to jointly define values and to succeed in our many projects.

Art is a fantastic way to watch the world around us in a different way. Through our collection, the exhibitions and the cultural visits we organize for our colleagues and their children, Lhoist seeks to build a more open-minded and culturally sensitive workforce.

The Lhoist collection is one of our vectors of integration, encouraging our people to challenge the world in which we operate, see innovation and creativity as powerful allies, and embrace change as a necessary partner of progress. Art is not an orderly process. It is by nature disruptive. That's why we encourage Lhoist's people to live with Art everyday. Art is not only here to please. Indeed Art is a powerful reminder of the world as it is, as we want our people to see it.

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